Angharad Dean  left an award winning career as a planner to take up the apparently inevitable call of her genes in mid 2005 [1]. She turned from working with people and landscape (taking a 4 dimensional view of the world) to capturing the immediacy of light, colour and movement in 2 dimensions: now she attempts to capture the 4th dimension – time - in the medium of the 2nd. Her initial training as a designer has enabled her to see the world through a painter’s eyes and apply the techniques of colour and form to her chosen media of oils, pastels and printmaking.

She has exhibited widely in Canberra and the region.

Winner of the 2015 ACT and Region Catchment Groups Art Prize Best in Show, ACTEW Water Prize

Winner of the 2017 ASOC Spring Show First Prize in Printmaking 

Full CV with Exhibition History

[1] Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders How your Genes Affect your Work Life by Scott Shane, Oxford University Press 2010 – in which it is explained that 75% of those in the creative arts were basically ‘born’ to it – Angharad’s father, Brian Dean, is an award winning artist and well known art educator in Queensland. He strongly encouraged her to choose an alternative career to the arts but her genes overrode his advice, eventually.